Meet the Staff

  • megan
    Megan Wood

    Megan is our office manager and has been part of the K&S team for the past 18 years. She is also a licensed chiropractic assistant and works both at the front desk as well as one on one with patients. In her free time, Megan loves cooking, entertaining, and travelling with her family.  She is the heart and sole of K & S!!!!

  • Samantha
    Samantha L.

    Samantha first joined the K&S team in 2007 and worked as a licensed chiropractic assistant. While she currently works as a dental assistant, she still helps out around the office whenever she is needed. Her many years of experience have made her invaluable to K&S. Though she is seen less often now, patients are always thrilled to catch up with Samantha while she provides their therapies.

  • Nat
    Natalie Korman

    Nat is a licensed Chiropractic Assistant. She enjoys working and hanging out with friends and has two dogs that loves to take adventuring.  She has been at K&S for the last 6 years.

  • Laura
    Laura Skoczelak

    Laura is new to the K&S team.  She is currently working on her chiropractic assistant license.  She is a bright and shining face at K&S.  She enjoys the beach, volleyball, her siblings and bonfires.

  • Kalani
    Kalani Wiles

    Kalani has been with us for the last 2 years.  She is a licensed chiropractic assistant and takes a major role at the front desk.  She enjoys her family, boyfriend, the beach and Orioles games.

  • Cat
    Cat Hardey

    Cat has been with K&S for over 2 years.  She is a licensed chiropractic assistant.  Everyone loves Cat. Super friendly, knowledgeable and brightens our day.  We all love Cat.

  • Cam
    Cameron Klein

    Cam is new to the K and S team. She enjoys swimming and traveling as well as going to the beach and fishing on the Bay. She is currently studying for her Chiropractic Assistant license.

  • KC
    Kasey Rogers

    Kacey is our newest assistant at K&S.  She is a world renowned baton twirler.  She has traveled world with her baton including places like England and South America.

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